New lifestyle: week 3

I struggled hardcore this week.

It started when I got called in for an emergency shift at work. One of the girls had called in sick 20 minutes before her shift started and my boss called me to fill in. In my rush to leave (to be on time) I completely forgot that I would be there 8 hours with nothing to eat.

Then came dinner and the other nurses decided to get KFC. I don’t even like KFC but the smell and my hunger made me so so so hungry. They never offered to get me any and I didn’t ask for any, but god damn was I hungry.

Then I got home and my family had locked me out (with the deadlock which is only unlocked from the inside!). It was 9:30 at night and I was starving and I couldn’t even get into my own house. I rang their phones and the doorbell but since our doorbell chimes in the kitchen and the bedrooms are on the opposite end of the house, no one heard me.

By 10:45 I was a wreck, crying out the front of my house when I finally decided that I would go get food. I was going to get subway, but none were open at that time. I walked into 7/11 t get some sandwiches but they were sold out and only had donuts.

I then drove to a 24/7 Chinese restaurant that we used to go to only to find that they were closed for maintenance or some shit. 

By that stage I was hysterical and I drove right to McDonald’s. I got a mchicken and a drink (Coke Zero) and cried in my car until I drive back home. We have the type of fence where you can’t climb it without a ladder (it’s a colourbond extra tall fence) and the drop on the other side would be about 5 meters (we live in a hill), which meant I couldn’t even jump the fence. 

I eventually got my dads attention (at 2:30 in the fucking morning!!!!) by throwing rocks at his window. Totally creepy in hindsight, but I was desperate. 

Then the next day my mum had the nerve to turn around and say ‘why didn’t you eat your salad we prepared you for dinner once you got back home last night?’.


Then I was ravenous the next day. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I managed to chose healthy options and I stayed under my 1200 calorie limit.

Then the day after we had a family friends birthday dinner. She is a chef and offered to cook healthy for us. We have had amazing yummy dishes from her before and were really looking forward to the meal.

Would you believe when we got there, the one time that we are trying to be healthy and eat right, she decides she wants pizza for her birthday and has ALREADY ordered 12 pizzas for everyone?!?!

What were we going to say to her? Sorry you ordered these pizzas for our family, we are going to go home and get healthy meals and return with them so you can waste your money?

I must admit, the pizza was soooo good, but I did limit myself to 3 slices. I don’t know if pizzas are different around the world, but a large pizza is 8 slices here in Australia. The pieces are about the size of your hand. Normally I eat about 5-6. So 3 slices left me satisfied, but I wanted more. 

Even though I had already gone WAY over my calorie goal for the day by that point, by the time we got home I was starving so I ate a banana.

In top of that, I have injured my knee. Since starting the personal training, my joints have felt very… Vulnerable? I don’t want to say weak, but maybe on the sensitive side? A bit tender? I don’t know how to describe it, just not working at 100%. Well, I was at work and we have these gates that I have to jump to reach them since I’m short. I jumped up and when I landed my knee sort of went backwards and the pain was terrible.

I worked through two training sessions before I called it quits and went to a doctor. An ultrasound and an osteopath later, I have tendinitis, a strained ligament, and a knee cap that is popping out of place when I bend my knee.

We have done some work with it, I have exercises to do at home to strengthen it, and I’ve been taken off all leg workouts. Which means my arms and stomach are constantly sore! Lol!

But anyway, despite all that, I did weigh myself and I have lost weight.

I weighed in today at 100.2kg.

That’s a loss of 800grams this week and a total loss of 6.5kg.

It’s not a great weight loss, but with the week I had, at least I didn’t gain weight! In determined to do better this week. Wish me luck!

Talk soon! X


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