8 months

Scarlett is 8 months old today!

This month has brought many new things, some great, some not so great. I’m trying to write out two blog posts before I go to sleep (and considering I need to be up at 4:30am, I’m trying to rush!), so excuse the very short update.

This month:

-Scarlett now says Mum-mum and nan-nan on demand. Not every single time, but most times (maybe 7 out of 10) she will say it!

-Scarlett now screams when she throws hissy fits which have also escalated this month. Simple things cause hissy fits. When I tell her ‘No Scarlett, you can not play with your just changed poopy diaper while I brush your hair’, she will scream, pick up the nearest thing and throw it. If you still haven’t let her do what she wants, she grunts then whines, then eventually cries. When I say cry, I mean squeal cry.

-Scarlett’s hair is now long enough to put up. I wish I could figure out why WordPress won’t let me upload photos. When I figure it out, I will upload some recent ones.

-Scarlett is still rocking on her hands and knees. A few times she has done a ‘crawl’ where she takes two ‘crawls’, but then drops to her stomach and won’t do any more.

-even though Scarlett isn’t crawling, she is pulling herself up to her knees and if supported, can pull herself all the way up (but looses balance immediately and falls- which is why a hand on her back for support is needed).

-Scarlett isn’t sleeping as well as she normally does. Or maybe this is her new normal. I don’t know. Either way, I’m usually up every 30-45 minutes in the night to replace her dummy, which is fine since she is right next to me. Too bad I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. There is a reason they use sleep disruption as a torture technique.

-Scarlett is even more so attached to myself and my mum. Stranger danger has hit full swing.

Scarlett was weighed today and is 8.4kg (75th percentile). She is 71cm tall (90th percentile). Her head circumference is 42.8cm (55th percentile).

Scarlett seems to have gained more weight than she was supposed to because the nurse said her weight percentile was projected for lower than it is. That, or she is going to have a late growth spurt.

I can’t think of anything else as of yet! If I do, I will update this.

Talk soon! X


2 thoughts on “8 months

  1. We went through a period where Darwin would wake like that with the pacifier, and I learned that they can actually disrupt sleep! I found that if I started taking the pacifier out about 5 to 10 minutes after she fell asleep she slept longer and better. Don’t know if it was just Dar or what but thought am idea couldn’t hurt 🙂 sounds like things are busy, love that she’s saying mum so early!

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