New lifestyle: Week 1

So we are officially through 1 week. It’s funny, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.

I was fully addicted to junk food- any and all kinds. I would eat chips and chocolate and takeaway so often that it literally overtook every aspect of my life. To the point that I would sometimes go the longer way home just to go past McDonald’s.

I think the breaking point for me is when I started to eat in secret. For example, I would drive home from work, stop in and get an ice cream, milkshake or cheeseburger, then go home and not finish my dinner because I was ‘full from lunch’.

So this is why I decided to turn my life around. That, and my holiday that I’m going on in September.

So exactly one week ago I weighed in at 106.7kg.

This week I’ve been sticking to a different ‘diet’ than I normally would. I used to use the fats and figures diet where you weren’t allowed to have more than 18 grams of fat per day. Because I am such a fussy eater, that cut out a lot of the healthy options that I would eat and left me hungry. I don’t think you realise the calories or fat in food until you look at the numbers.

This time I’m going by a 1200 calorie diet, where I’m allowed up to 40 grams of fat per day.

It is working so great!!

I have had days where I’ve struggled to get the calories I needed for the day because the food I’m eating keeps me full and satisfied. But I have made sure to eat at least 1000 calories a day.

I have been doing my personal training 3 days a week. That has made me sore (just muscle soreness) a lot of the time so every other day I have gone for a short walk (about 20 minutes) just to try to stretch the muscles out.

In terms of cravings, I hadn’t had any until last night. I really wanted pizza. I didn’t though! I had a low fat lasagne with salad. 

And get this, since this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet, it means I can have small ‘breakouts’ every now and then. Since it was my cousins birthday on Saturday night, I went around there with my own food. They all ordered Chinese and pizza, and while they were eating that, I ate my garden salad with roasted chicken breast. BUT! Because I didn’t want to give in to temptation, I worked out that I could have 10 potato gems (small nuggets of potato that you cook in the oven- sort of like fat chips but smaller) and still come under my daily calorie intake. So I did. They ate all this food and when someone offered me something, I would say no and eat a potato gem. I was really proud of myself.

I have also perfected my wrap recipie! It’s so delicious!

I found these superfood wraps that are made out of kale, broccoli, spinach, and chia. They are slightly smaller than a normal wrap but still a really good size.  

  I use: 50g of roasted breast chicken, 40g of light hommus, 1 slice of cheese, grated carrot, red and green capsicum, spring onion, red onion, beetroot, mixed leafy greens and spinach. I would also like to add cucumber to it, but we are due to shop this week and ran out.

Anyway, down to the weigh in!

Today I weighed in at 102.5kg.

That’s a total weight loss of 4.2kg, which, for my international friends, is 9 pounds 4 ounces.

I lost a large baby this week, guys.

I feel good. Some of the pants I had that juustttt fitted now fit great! Some that were tight on me are no longer. I have noticed I’m able to move more, which may have a lot to do with working out. By that, I mean I am more flexible, it’s no longer uncomfortable rolling to get out of bed.

In feeling great!

Talk soon! X




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