Life changes

I can’t remember if I’ve discussed it on here, but in September my mum, my dad, my grandma, Scarlett and myself are going overseas to Canada and America. We are doing a cruise and the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada/Alaska. We are doing Niagara Falls. We are going to Memphis and Las Vegas and San Diego and Anaheim (DISNEY!!!) and LA. We will finish our trip in Hawaii. Our trip will be about 7 weeks long.

Since we booked it all firmly in place about a week ago, I have decided to make some lifestyle changes. 

My diet/lifestyle over the last month has been deplorable. I don’t do any exercise. None. And my weight is just creeping higher and higher on the scales. I weigh more now than what I did the day before I had scarlett. GUYS! I weigh more now than what I did at 9 months pregnant! And not even a little bit more, we are talking almost 14 kilos more!!

So with that, and the fact I’m going on a holiday and I don’t want to be this big anymore, I am going to try to change it.

I’ve tried dieting in the past and while I’ve been successful, I usually plateau, get bored and then go back to eating bad food again. Then I gain it all back (and usually more!).

I’ve tried gyms, and while I go for the first two weeks, after that I’m less motivated and forget, then wind up not going at all.

So this time, I’m getting serious. My mum and I have invested in a personal trainer. We are seeing her at 5am 3 times a week. This way Scarlett will hopefully sleep right through our session.

I’m also going to eat better to. I’m going to be realistic about it though. You can’t go from eating takeaway 5-6 times per week (even if two of those times are just stopping in to get an ice cream or milkshake, it still counts) to nothing at all. It may work for a few weeks, but then you fall off the wagon because you’re bored of eating healthy and gorge yourself on it. My personal trainer has the same stance.

So I’m going to limit takeaway to once a week maximum (including any ice cream or milkshake runs!). And when I do get takeaway, I’m going to limit my portion sizes. Usually when I get takeaway, I get a large meal, and then also share nuggets with my mum. In the future, I will be limiting myself to a medium meal, nothing else.

I’m aiming for a steady weight loss, and a diet that I can maintain even after I lose the weight I need.

This morning I had my first personal training session with my mum.

Holy fuck. I didn’t realise how unfit I was. 

In high school (year 10) we did this test for fitness. I was in a class with boys and girls (about 24 in total) and we did it together. One of the last exercise tests were to see how many sit ups we could do. I’m talking proper sit ups. The kind where you are laying on the ground, sit completely up, touch your toes, then do it again.

It wasn’t a timed test, it was a ‘go until you can’t go anymore’ or ‘last one standing wins’ kind of thing.

I found it so easy. I was so fit in high school. I went for 17 minutes. I bet most of the boys in my class. I bet every girl. And I came second overall. Don’t get me wrong, I was still overweight (not by all that much though, and nothing compared to now), but I was so so so fit. Today, I did one. ONE FUCKING PROPER SIT UP AND I COULDNT DO ANOTHER.

I had to do ‘easy’ sit ups where you pull your neck up sort of thing. And by the end of doing it for a minute, I was so out of breath.

By the end of the 45 minute session I was breathing so hard I couldn’t speak. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up. Even half an hour later (now) I still feel sick!

My limbs feel like jelly. I have stretched, but I can tell they are going to hurt tomorrow!

But mentally, I feel good. I’m proud of myself for doing it and making the effort. The session went really well overall. Scarlett did sleep through the entire thing and didn’t even realise I left the bed!

But, now I need to make myself accountable. So, here goes.

Hello everyone. My name is Chantelle and today I weighed in at 106.7kg. I won’t be this big tomorrow, or hopefully ever again. 

I’ll update weekly with how I’m going. As of right now, I’m feeling good about this.


7 thoughts on “Life changes

    1. Thank you! I have heard that too. I’m only 3 days in but I’m actually feeling good! I just got done with my second PT session and I’m feeling great. I did get on the scales (my offical weigh in for my PT was today) and I’ve lost 1kg so far, which is what I expected to lose in a week! I know the first few weeks are the weeks you lose more weight than you usually would so I’m not expecting high numbers, but the more I lose, the better I will feel! Thanks for your support lovely 🙂

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  1. That’s is a crazy but amazing sounding trip. My last blog post was right before our trip to Hawaii. I have yet to recover and that was only 10 days! Lol. My travel advice is bring everything you even think you might need. We got to Hawaii and ended up buying $300 worth and baby stuff. We can rough it, but the kiddo needed all the usual comforts of home or he was miserable and then we were miserable. But on the other hand I hear girls are more easy going so you may not even run into any issues!

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    1. Yes I am already dreading that part. I know, I just know that I’m going to forget something! I’m stocking up on everything I can think of and I have already started writing a list of what I will need. I think the worst thing is going to be the nappies. I don’t know brands of nappies from overseas but it’s not like I can take 7 weeks worth of nappies with us! Considering we go through like, 8 a day, that would be over 300 nappies I would need to take, and that would literally fill a whole suitcase. So I’m just going to have to experiment and buy some over there. I’m going to take like, 4 dummies in case I lose some! And toys, which toys do I bring?
      Oh the joys of travelling with a baby! Lol! Any advice would be highly appreciated! 😀


      1. Definitely plan on buying nappies on the trip. That’s too many to pack! We use huggies and pampers. Both seem to work about the same but pampers are a little nicer. No matter what toys you bring, they will get tired of them fast. Just be creative and grab anything that is baby safe and then it’s a new toy.
        Have a bottle washing plan for traveling. It’s really hard to wash and dry and keep everything clean on airplanes and while traveling.
        Be prepared to have them go through your bag and inspect all the baby food and formula.
        I do have some good news- almost all the planes we were on had baby changing tables that folded down over the toilet.


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