Online dating saga!

Since my last update on this, nothing weird has happened. Nothing weirder than usual anyway. I have gotten a lot of messages saying ‘wanna chill at my house in an hour?’ Or ‘let’s have sex’. Not even joking. 

But. There were two guys that I was talking to.

I started talking to the first one about three days after I signed up for online dating. He seemed nice and answered all the questions I asked. Most of the time he would ask me back. But I didn’t get the best vibe from him. After talking to him for about a week I noticed that he was literally only on after 10pm so I asked him if he worked certain hours, his response was ‘I don’t have to tell you my work hours. Your [yes, he didn’t even use the right spelling!] not even my girlfriend and you want to know what hours I work?’.

I was a bit surprised so I responded with ‘oh, no, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound intrusive. It’s just I noticed that you only ever come online after 10pm. I didn’t mean it any other way.’

He apologised after that for ‘snapping’ and he said he had a long few days. Maybe he did, but after that, something didn’t sit well.

In the meantime, another guy poped up.

On the dating site I’m on, you can swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Sort of like how tinder works. If it’s a mutual ‘yes’ you get notified and can then view the profile. If you then want to make contact, you can.

When I was swiping, I came across this guy. He wasn’t my usual type. He’s not outwardly good looking. He’s not my usual type. But there was something about him. I’m going to sound stupid, but I sort of seen honesty in his eyes.

I’m not trying to portray the beginning of a love story! We are far, far from that. But I just want to justify why I swiped ‘yes’ for a person I usually wouldn’t look twice at. Well, that sounds harsh. He isn’t ugly! Not by a long shot. Just not my ‘usual’ I guess. He does have gorgeous eyes.

Anyway, the next day I got a notification saying that he also swiped yes. I viewed his profile and he seemed nice. It turns out he is a single dad. He has his son, who is three years old, half the time. He works full time. And he’s 25. He sounded great.

But he hadn’t viewed my profile yet.

Remember how I said about uploading an okay photo for the display photo then uploading a few unflattering photos so they aren’t surprised when they see me?

I sort of expected him to view it then not contact me. 

But, he did view my profile, then contacted me.

We have been chatting since then- just under a week. 

He seems really nice! I can tell he loves his little boy. And we have a lot more things in common too. We both are big adrenaline buffs who love roller coasters and sky diving and white water rafting etc. We both live with our parents but are saving to buy a house (he is closer to that goal than I am!). We actually seem to like the same food.

He’s really good at making conversation and keeping it going. What I really enjoy is the fact he doesn’t send me pissy little replies like so many guys do. Some of his messages are longer than mine, which actually makes me a little happy… The fact he’s happy to sit there and write a long message rather than playing Xbox or something like that.

He’s also the opposite of judgemental. Literally, even being a parent himself, I thought he would judge me for a few things. Co sleeping being one of them. Instead, he was like, ‘do it! Do what works! I have no issue in it. If you love it, who am I to judge. I’ll completely support it’.

He also hasn’t put any pressure on me to meet him in person yet. AND, like so many other guys before him, he hasn’t drifted the conversation to sex once. I hate when you’re trying to get to know someone and you think they are sounding great, then suddenly, you’re talking about watermelon being your second favourite fruit and they reply ‘your watermelons are my favourite’. Like, no.

And don’t get me wrong. It’s not even been a week. So all of these things could be coming. But so far they haven’t and I’m happy about that.

We have exchanged phone numbers and now all our communication is done through there. No voice calls yet, only texts. 

I do have to admit that I tried to find him on Facebook. I only know his first name and what he looks like in the two photos on his profile. After about 15 minutes I gave up and was super embarrassed that I’d done it.

Another thing, so far, I have not started one of our conversations. He goes to work really early and so far, every single morning he has texted me good morning and started a conversation.


It just feels too easy.

Surely there is something wrong with him. I am so paranoid. Seriously. Good things; things this perfect don’t happen to me.

I am such an awkward person, what happens when he doesn’t text me good morning. Do I text him? What do I say? 


But literally, my best friend is so excited.

Me and my best friend met in uni and we joke that we are the same person. Because we are so similar. We like the same things, we speak the same. Several times we have been able to answer the other person. The ONLY thing that we have found that is different about us, I like green apples and she likes red. Literally everything else is the same.

Well, her and her boyfriend have been dating for 7 years now and his name is Mathew. ONE T. I state that, because it’s very important to him that people know that.

Guess what my texting buddy’s name is? Mathew. ONE T.

My best friend says its destiny and I should skip dating and marry him now. I said no. Obviously.

I’ll keep you updated!

Talk soon! X


11 thoughts on “Online dating saga!

      1. Even if it doesn’t work out – finding someone nice to chat too for a bit is always good! Even if he does stay just another friend – its hard getting back into the dating world! Practice is good haha!


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