6 months

I know I know, I’m always writing these late! I’m just so busy now a days. But I do want to keep writing them. Not only are they a nice break, but I love being able to look back at my old posts and see what was happening.

So, Scarlett turned 6 months on January 21st. Half a year. Wow.

A lot has happened this month.

-Scarlett can now fully sit up on her own and even corrects herself when she’s about to fall. I’m still always very cautious with her because she sometimes gets overly excited and flaps her arms about. When she does this, she usually loses her balance and will topple. Just the other day we were sitting down with my cat when my doorbell rang. My cat is terrified of the door bell and he flew out of the room. Problem being, on the way out, he toppled into me at such a force that it toppled me over. Well, turns out Scarlett got scared and tipped over before I could grab her.

She whacked her head on the wooden floor with such force that her head bounced up again before finally resting on the floor. She cried for about a minute. I cried for about 3 hours. She didn’t have a lump or bruise on her head. I checked her pupils and coordination every 20 minutes for the first three hours then every hour after that. She was completely fine, but I felt so bad.

-Speaking of falling, Scarlett almost fell out of bed the other day. I have a really tall bed. The mattress alone is 43cm thick and the base is 66cm off the ground. Which means the top of my bed sits just over a meter off the ground. 

Since Scarlett still sleeps with me, I did invest in a good quality baby bed rail. Problem being, the little turd has figured out how to wiggle herself down the bed. The baby rail only makes a sound right down the bottom of the bed when you touch this lever. One night I woke up to that sound and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Suddenly I realised, and the image I saw terrified me. Scarlett was touching the lever and pulling, which was fine. The problem was, both of her legs were hanging out of the bed already. All she would have had to have done was wiggle a tiny bit more and she would have dropped feet first to the floor.

Here is something I drew to illustrate what I mean.

  The yellow is the bed, the royal blue is the baby gate, the pink figure is me (with a light blue pillow), and the green figure is Scarlett.  

Safe to say, the next day the bed was lowered to the ground.

-Last week we switched Scarlett from the ‘newborn’ formula to the 6 month plus formula. That was a terrible mistake. Se didn’t poo for two days, and by the third day she was so constipated I had to take her to the doctors. She would try to push out a poo, but she would scream, break out in a sweat, shake, become red, then stop pushing. She was clingy and in pain and upset. Since then we have switched the formula back and all is good again.

-Scarlett is now officially unswaddled! She wasn’t happy and it took about 4 days before she stopped crying while she was going to sleep. But she just didn’t want to give the swaddle up! We tried doing the one arm out first but she just kept screaming and missing naps. It wasn’t until the third day when we just decided to go cold turkey with it that she finally settled down. Now she sleeps in a sleeping bag.

-Scarlett had moved from the 3-6 month clothes to the 6-12 month clothes. I had a lot of trouble letting go of some of the super cute outfits she had and I delayed moving her up to the next size for too long. It got to the point where I would put her clothes on, and the neck would be so pulled down you could see her nipple. When she was relaxed, her legs would just sit up in the air because of the pressure of having no room. Oops.

-Still no teeth!

-Scarlett is showing no interest to crawl. However, my niece (who is two days younger than her) is crawling around everywhere and is even pulling herself up on things! Very exciting about that. But Scarlett is more than happy to sit up right now, something my niece can’t do yet.

-Scarlett has had so many foods: carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, potato, cauliflower, zucchini, snow peas, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, blood plums, chicken, tuna, avocado, yoghurt, banana, bread (toast), rice cereal, pear, celery and egg white. I think that’s all. So far she hasn’t refused to eat anything and actually loves food in general!

-Scarlett has started drinking water with a sippy cup. She has done so well with it! She now knows exactly how to use it and can drink from it easily. I won’t have a problem transitioning her from the bottle when she is older, that’s for sure.

-I think Scarlett may be getting a birth mark. She had a bath yesterday and I turned her over to moisturise her back and found this discoloured spot. I dont know how birth marks work. I have one on my back, but there are pictures of me from when I was 3 years old and I didn’t have anything on my back. My birthmark is now at least 4cm in width. It obviously isn’t getting any bigger, but I wasn’t there when I was born.

-I don’t know her height or weight. I got on my scales with her and it came to her weighing about 7.4kg. I don’t know if that was accurate. I didn’t even bother trying to measure her height! All I know is she is growing and getting bigger every day.

-We celebrated her half birthday. Scarlett likes the sparklers. 


-This is what Scarlett’s hair does now if you don’t brush it down.


-Scarlett had her 6 month photoshoot the other day. She did really well but didn’t smile a whole lot. She does this serious smile now where she sucks in her cheeks then does a closed mouth smile. It’s still cute, but not as much as her big opened mouth ones!


-I’m not counting it as her first words, but Scarlett has started repeating ‘Nan Nan Nan’. I think it’s more so the sound of it. I don’t think she realises it’s a word. But my mum is pretty excited over the whole thing. 

That’s all I can think about right now. I’ll leave you with some more photos. 

Talk soon! X



10 thoughts on “6 months

  1. Aww I love this update Chantelle! You sound so happy and confident in your mommyhood too, which is so great. Scary about the bed – I’ve been cosleeping a lot with dd2 just out of ease (I could just as easily use the bassinet that sits literally beside my bed, but since DW has been giving us the room since her birth it has just turned out that I’ve had her in bed with me. I need a bed rail if this continues! What a great eater she is too – dd1 loved food and only got picky in her late toddler period. Now it’s improving again, at almost 3.5, for being adventurous. Keep it all up , you’re an amazing job! There was never a doubt you were up for the challenge. 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you 🙂 you have helped me a lot and I’m so grateful for all your advice and kind words. Honestly, like, 5 months ago I never thought I would get to this point, but I am starting to feel confident. I love that we have a little routine down and that her personality is coming out. She is really such a delight too. And you were right, if definitely gets easier 🙂
      I love co sleeping. I love the closeness and the bond from it. A bed rail is a must if it continues to when they get wiggly and can move around. Although, I co slept as a baby and I never rolled out of bed… So who knows!
      You sound like you’re doing really good too. I’m so happy for you! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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