Scarlett’s first Christmas 

I’m a little late with posting this. I have just been so damn busy! At my work, I am the nurse that works all the public holidays and all Sunday’s. Since Christmas was a Friday this year (and I got it off- woo!), we had two public holidays. So I worked Saturday from 8-7, Sunday 10-6, and today, Monday, 8-5. With all the work and crazy schedule, I have hardly had any time to think let alone post.

But getting back to Christmas.

It was a truly magical day. I know that Christmas time is always magical, but I have not truly understood the meaning of Christmas until this year.

Scarlett is still young so she doesn’t understand a lot of things, like Santa, and probably won’t understand for at least another 2 years. At least, I think.

Anyway, we woke up at 6:30 and Scarlett had her morning bottle, played for a little bit, then went to sleep. This gave me a chance to shower, put some makeup on, do my hair, then get all the presents ready. I wanted to take a photo with all of her presents this year so I remembered how I stupidly overspent and got her entirely too much. I know you’re thinking ‘I’m sure you didn’t get her that much’, just wait, my friends, just wait.

Since this year we were doing ‘brunch’ with half of the family and dinner with the other half, we decided to wake Scarlett up at 9am to do presents. Scarlett had purchased lots of things for other people so I wanted her to be awake for the present giving.

She absolutely loved opening her presents. I would rip some of the wrapping paper off, give the tip to her, then she would rip with all her might. She giggled and smiled and had an absolute ball!

Speaking of presents, I wasn’t the only one who went stupid on buying presents this year. Literally, Scarlett got that much that I was overwhelmed by it all. I don’t know where it’s all going to fit. You will see!

I spent the next two hours putting her presents together. Who came up with the idea of flat pack presents? Honestly, I would happily pay $10 more for a toy that was already assembled than have to spend another two hours assembling everything again. Luckily my brother (the one without a child) helped out.

Scarlett pretty much spent the rest of the day playing with toys, eating, and sleeping for 10 minutes off and on. 

We had a lovely dinner. Scarlett ate some peas at the same time that we were eating (she seems to really like them now!) then we spent the next few hours talking, laughing and having fun.

We didn’t get to bed until 12am, so you could imagine how grumpy Scarlett was. She slept until 11 the next day! 

It seriously was just a wonderful day. Just to see the look on her face when she was playing with a toy or ripping wrapping paper, it was so worth it.

It also made me really proud of myself. I got a lot of negative comments from family and friends about how excited I was about Christmas this year and how much I had gotten for Scarlett. To tell you the truth, I know I went overboard. But the fact is, I simply don’t care.

What I choose to spend my money on is no ones business, but he fact is, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I don’t gamble, and I hardly ever buy things for myself anymore. I have savings that I don’t touch (for emergencies), but I also have savings which are intended for things like this. To spoil my child on their first Christmas. I have been buying things since September and putting them away for Christmas.

Plus, to be fair, even though I ‘only’ spent about $600 (I know, it’s not ‘only’), what I got was worth over $1500. Some things I literally took back 4 times just to get the better price. 

Getting back to the point. I am proud that I was able to spoil my child, despite everything. Despite being a single parent,  despite spending all my savings and almost maxing out my credit card on IVF, despite still having to pay for living expenses and other bills on a single income, I was able to give her everything I wanted and more. 

Just seeing her eyes light up as a toy came out of the wrapping paper was priceless. She was getting so excited. Literally, she was swinging her arms around and hitting things and squealing. It was so adorable. 

Just seeing how successful this Christmas was makes me even more excited for the next one. It’s crazy to think that by the time the next one rolls around that she will be walking, saying some words, eating full meals instead of bottles, will know what presents are, and will literally be a toddler! 

Be still my heart.

Anyway, here are some snaps from the day. Hope everyone else had as much fun on Christmas Day as me.

Talk soon! X



8 thoughts on “Scarlett’s first Christmas 

  1. Holy moly she did get spoilt!! Thats what first christmasses should be about though!! I intend for the same!! And she’s at that age now to actually be playing with things and growing into things a lot faster – so its even more enjoyable to shower her in pressies! She’s so good – looks like you both had a good Christmas! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol exactly! It’s a very exciting age and she loves discovering new things. To be honest though, although she loves them, I’m a bit overwhelmed by them. I’m still thinking ‘where the hell am I going to put these?!’. Ahaha!


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